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The Cooking Game …r u Game?: Let the Shoot Begin!

Evan Pettersen is a chef, well known for his culinary demonstrations at local fairs and fetes. With his good looks and winning smile it is no surprise when he is snapped up by a TV network to present The Cooking Game…r u Game?The show proves to be a huge success and with his celebrity status and the income from his flourishing restaurant Evan, his wife Lex and their three children enjoy a comfortable lifestyle.The Cooking Game…r u Game? is an entertaining exposé of life behind the TV cameras. Sexual adventures, network politics, professional jealousy and ambition all combine to create a heady mix of behind the scenes scandal and gossip.You may never view a TV cookery show in quite the same way again!


Author Signed Paperback - Small B Media Pty Ltd is the paypal agent for the author

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